I enjoy living in Denver for lots of reasons

There isn’tany venue quite love CO; It has lovely mountains & miles of prairies & plains.

It happens to be the new home for the Denver Nuggets too.

One of the best reasons to live in Denver is due to the beautiful climate. Denver has a climate that offers beautiful weather conditions throughout the entire year. The summer time days have sun & sizzling air, however they aren’t hot & humid love other parts of the country. The Wintertide weather is mild, & you can still see multiple feet of snow just an hour away. Denver also has a strong economy with lots of jobs available. It has one of the fastest growing economies in the midwest. There are a number of cultures represented in Denver & the neighborhood is filled with forward-thinking residents that are young & progressive. It’s one of the reasons why Denver & the state of CO have legalized medical & recreational marijuana for almost everyone! When Denver legalized medical & recreational marijuana in 2012, they suddenly became the go-to endpoint in the Midwest. A lot of people visit for cannabis tourism, however not every state has legalized the recreational plant. Denver is right near the bottom of the rocky mountain range. There are many activities available in the mountains love snowboarding, skiing, rock climbing, & hiking. These are interests that many of our friends & I share. Denver is a beautiful neighborhood & I enjoy living here for lots of weird reasons. If you share some of the same interests, maybe Denver is the right neighborhood for you too.

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