Santa Barbara was the city for me

One of the reasons why I decided to take our family to Santa Barbara is because it is known to be a truly safe City! Santa Barbara is a truly popular endpoint with tourists, and the section has a lot of beach resorts… Just 20 miles offshore is the Channel Islands National Park.

This section off the coast of Santa Barbara is legitimately accessible by boat, but my family as well as I decided to take a charter fishing trip during Santa Barbara! I parked the automobile in the parking lot at the marina.

I locked the automobile as well as our family as well as I were gone all afternoon! When I came back to the parking lot, the front window of the automobile was broken. Someone rummaged through the automobile looking for anything of value. They took our watch which was resting in the middle console. They took our partner’s wallet as well as it was under the front seat. They took our daughter’s kindle as well as our son’s video game system. Santa Barbara was supposed to be a safe location, although I had to call the police as well as make a report. While I was talking to the officer, the woman mentioned that the crime rates have doubled since a recreational marijuana dispensary opened up at the south end of town. The recreational marijuana dispensary had only been open for a month as well as there were already 14 crimes within a two-block radius of the marijuana shop. I was lucky that the automobile wasn’t stolen. My family as well as I could have been left on the side of the road with no automobile at all.

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