I really enjoy Denver

My wife plus I decided to visit some friends that live in Denver.

  • We planned to be gone all day, plus the two of us were going to call our Dad to come sit with the kids.

When our wife plus I mentioned leaving to spend the day in Denver, the kids wanted to stay condo alone. My wife plus I wondered if the 3 kids would be wonderful separate from adult supervision. After all, they are 15, 13, plus 8. My wife plus I often go to the grocery store or the bank plus the two of us leave the kids alone for a couple of minutes. I didn’t know if the kids would make it all day, but our wife plus I decided to supply it a try. We left around 8 a.m. plus Denver was an minute drive from our house. We called the kids when the two of us arrived in neighborhood plus the two of us called them again at breakfast time. The first iPhone call was much weird than the minute 1. During the first iPhone call, all of the kids sounded calm plus still a bit exhausted. When I talked to our fifteen-year-old kid at breakfast time, she sounded appreciate she was filled with energy plus she wouldn’t stop talking. My thirteen-year-old kid got on the iPhone plus she was not making any sense. She wouldn’t stop laughing plus she sounded strange. I told our wife that the kids sounded appreciate they were smoking marijuana. She laughed, but I was certainly serious. I recommended the two of us go condo early to see if they were using recreational marijuana, however none of them were old enough to legally buy the product, but they are weird behavior had me upset.


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