I was really trying to engage with the community

My friend and I went to a play with our wives, the play was in San Francisco for many evenings only, however we took a one-hour flight to the endpoint! I didn’t want to spend hours in the car driving to the San Francisco endpoint.

I wasn’t particularly gleeful about going to the play, however my friend and I bought some edibles from a recreational and medical cannabis dispensary.

In fact, my friend and I went to the recreational cannabis dispensary about an hour before the play started. I thought it would be simple to make my decision, however there was a whole wall filled with recreational Cannabis supplies; My friend and I picked out many bizarre items that looked tasty. I bought a bag of licorice coins with 20 mg of THC in each. My friend bought a bottle of cannabis tincture with 1,000 mg total, and before the play, he decided to drink half of the bottle. By the time the theater show started, my friend was ready to pass out. The San Francisco theater was packed on opening evening, and the show did not start until half past the hour. My partner and I found our seats. My friend and his partner were seated a few rows away! Halfway through the show, I fell asleep. My friend fell asleep as well, but he started snoring when there was a easily quiet scene in the play. His partner looked horrified. They got up and left the theater before the end of the second act. I recognize they went lake loft early.

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