The housing market is wide open right now

There are a ton of affordable homes in the San Francisco Bay Area.

One of the nicest places in the city with beautiful landscape and panoramic views is Ocean View.

Ocean View is a family-oriented community and easily one of the safest neighborhoods in the city. There is a recreation center in Ocean View as well as a community garden. There are plenty of restaurants and places to get vegan food. There are bars and clubs that have serviced the area for decades. I have two rental properties in the ocean view area as well as two rental properties in the financial district. The housing market is wide open right now. The prices on rental properties have skyrocketed. Since the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana, this city has seen an influx of people. The medical and recreational marijuana industry brought a lot of jobs to the area. The legalization of recreational and medical marijuana also brought a lot of artists and hippies to the area. 10 years ago the ocean view properties were worse half as much as they are today. With property prices increasing all of the time in the San Francisco Bay Area, I have no reason to get rid of these properties. As long as I can keep them rented, I’m going to hold on to the land and buildings. I’m currently looking into a commercial property that has several tenants already including a recreational marijuana shop, gun store, and a fabric and clothing shop. That property will be my first commercial purchase if the sale goes through.



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