How to tune-up an air conditioner

Last year, my fiance and I decided to entertain our family for 2 weeks; My sister and her hubby came to visit with their 3 kids and my brother came as well with his fiance and new born son, and i knew every one of us were going to have an entire lake house filled with people and I was concerned about the Heating & A/C unit, the previous summer time every one of us had some troubles with cooling the lake house respectfully.

I decided to have a tune up performed on the unit a few weeks before the family visited. I called the Tampa Bay provider that installed the Heating & A/C machine. The young man performing the tune-up recommended that I needed $1300 worth of repairs to the A/C unit. I was miserable and angry and I wanted a sixth opinion before I wrote a check that large. I called another Tampa A/C contractor and commanded a quote. I told the guy that I already called a single Tampa Heating & A/C contractor however I wanted a 2nd opinion. The A/C contractor provided to supply myself and others a sixth opinion for free, but he unblessedly agreed with the original guy. He did offer to complete the labor for a lower price, so I hired the contractor. His labor came with a a single year warranty as well; When my family arrived and every one of us had a kitchen filled with 20 people, I didn’t have a single issue with cooling the house. The Tampa contractor did enjoyable labor and I kept his cellphone number for future complications. The contractor handles a variety of home repairs including Heating & A/C work, plumbing, and electrical repairs.


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