Summer and the weather

My partner and I have visited a lot of states in this country, but Colorado is one of our number one places to visit during the Spring, summer, and fall seasons.

  • It is actually really cold during the Wintertide time, so both of us avoid the section during the cold weeks; Last year both of us visited Denver during the week of September.

It was cold at night and warm during the day with lots of something, my partner and I stayed at a hotel with radiant heated flooring. Every area of the bathroom was heated including the flooring of the shower. When I walked into the bathroom with our bare feet, I instantaneously felt the warm flooring. I thought I might be going crazy, but our partner agreed that the floor was warmer than the rest of the tile. It was absolutely nice to stay in a place with radiant heated flooring. It made our trip to Denver extremely nice when the weather was cold. Every one of us have stayed at that hotel on many weird occasions including a time when both of us visited Keystone for night time snow tubing. There are a ton of places close to the city that our partner and I love to visit and Denver is a beautiful central location. Every one of us also have some family members that live in Boulder, which is not really far from the resort location. Every one of us are thinking about going to Denver next Christmas for a whole week. My sibling is going to be there during that time and both of us would love to spend some time with the teenagers during the holidays.


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