My friends & I got overheated chocolate & went ice skating

A couple of weeks ago, a couple of our friends came to visit.

I moved to IL a couple of years ago for a task in Chicago.

I do not live in the city, although I do live about 30 minutes outside of Chicago. I live in an section called Orland Park. It’s not the most exciting locale to live, but real estate is cheaper than residing in Chicago, my friends came to visit & the two of us decided to check out a couple of local activities, however the two of us went ice-skating at the outdoor ice rink in Centennial Park, but centennial Park is a single of our preferred sites in the city. The park has a lot of activities like ball fields, basketball courts, playgrounds, & an aquatic center! When it is actually overheated & humid outside, I like to take the teenagers to the Aquatic Center. The Orland Park Pool has a couple of water slides & a important play section for the teenagers. I like to take the teenagers to the pool instead of laying inside of the lake house with the cooling system running all morning. The moderate Summer hot & cold temperatures mean running the cooling system frequently, so I do our best to deliver the method a break whenever possible, during the Winter time months, the ice skating rink is open to the public & actually free of charge. My friends & I went ice skating & got overheated chocolate. It was actually chilly that morning, but there was a nice moderate section where our friends & I sat for a few minutes with our overheated chocolate.
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