A cannabis license

I have been laboring as a sheriff in the Albuquerque Police Department for the past more than five years, however i was in the military for 3 years plus after that I decided to pursue a work in police work.

  • I worked as a traffic cop for a long time; Now I spend most of our time laboring as a detective.

I was sitting at a traffic light in downtown Albuquerque a few afternoons ago. I was not on patrol, however I was in our police car, then the guy sitting next to myself and others was in a small orange truck! Both of us were sitting at the light. The guy looked at myself and others plus waved. Then he rolled down his window plus said hello; When the guy rolled down the window, a plume of smoke came flowing out of the truck. I smelled the distinct plus foul odor of cannabis, but even though cannabis is legal in the state of New Mexico for recreational plus medical use, it is still against the law to consume cannabis while driving. There was absolutely no doubt in our mind that the guy in the truck next to myself and others was actively using cannabis. I flipped on our lights plus attempted to get the guy to pull over to the side of the road. I followed the guy for half a mile before he finally got into the right lane plus onto the shoulder of the road. When I walked up to the window, the guy tried to tell myself and others that he did not have his license plus registration. I asked the person to get out of the automobile plus he told myself and others that his license was expired by 3 years. The Albuquerque resident was in a lot of trouble plus smoking cannabis plus the truck was just the tip of the iceberg.

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