I have a rare genetic disorder and I’m going to an annual conference in Toronto this year

It’s hard having a rare genetic disorder, especially if it isn’t even diagnosed yet.

I spent far too many years going to doctors who gave me puzzled looks. It wasn’t until I saw a specialist in another state that I was finally given a proper diagnosis and a quality drug-treatment plan. Although my health has improved over the years, I still struggle with symptoms on a weekly basis. Thankfully the medications have improved over time, but I’m always looking at new treatments when they’re available. That’s why I like to visit the annual international conference for people with my rare genetic disorder. A lot of the conference is dominated by drug industry representatives trying to advertise new medication treatments, but sometimes they’re really good. My health improved considerably after switching to one of the medications that was released in the past five years. And it was at this annual international conference where I first learned about this amazing drug. This year the conference is being held in the amazing lakeside city, Toronto, Ontario. To be honest, this will be my first time visiting Canada. I had to update my passport and bring my COVID vaccine information card. I’m staying at a hotel near the CN Tower, which I visited on my very first day in Toronto. Seeing the city from thousands of feet above was amazing, especially after getting stoned on cannabis products. I stopped at the closest dispensary that I could find as soon as I got to Toronto. I bought cannabis vaporizer cartridges because they’re so easy to conceal in public.


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