We brought vape pens into the Scarborough Civic Center to go ice skating for the night

Growing up in Ontario, my family always went ice skating in the winter season.

  • When I was really young there was an outdoor rink in our small town that we’d frequent, but after moving to Toronto we started going to indoor skating rinks around the city.

Most of my friends in middle school and high school would hang out at the ice skating rinks because the cost of admission was so low at the time. There were usually arcades inside the ice skating rinks as well, and we’d often find our friends from school in the arcade, the tiny restaurants inside, or out on the ice rinks. Even though I’m much older now, I still enjoy going ice skating when I can get time away from work. It’s really refreshing feeling the rush of cold air being on the ice, especially with the feeling of gliding that accompanies it. Recently my girlfriend and I decided to spend our date night at the Scarborough Civic Center ice skating for a few hours. But before going to the Scarborough Civic Center, we stopped at a cannabis dispensary near Sherwood Park on Blythwood Rd. We bought disposable cannabis vape pens so we could conceal them heading into the ice skating rink at the Scarborough Civic Center. We decided to take hits off our pens in the separate male and female bathrooms instead of risking it in plain view. Since they had outlawed nicotine vaporizers in the Civic Center, we didn’t want to press our luck with our cannabis vaporizers. Recreational cannabis might be legal in Toronto and the rest of Canada, but that doesn’t mean you can use it in any business or public place. There are clear restrictions written into the Cannabis Act of Canada.

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