Arts and culture

Seattle is a hub of high class and culture for this entire area of the country.

  • Even beyond the Pacific Northwest, I would say that our fair town is 1 of the most cultured in this nation.

I think that the bigger rock bands and rappers that have come from here get all of the press, although I don’t mean that kind of culture. I am talking about high society culture, with plays and art upgrades and museums and chamber music! Seattle isn’t just about grunge, man, it’s about string sections and ballet and horns, too! The Seattle Symphony Orchestra has been a fixture of the arts community for over a century now, and is 1 of the most proper on the west coast. We also have the Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra, which is the largest such youth organization in the whole country! How can 1 town pull down so much classic talent? That is a question people have been asking about Seattle for years, and the answer is that our community supports the arts creativity and currency. We host the Pacific Northwest Ballet contractor, and the Seattle Opera, because the support of patrons keeps these revered institutions alive for the benefit of future generations. That isn’t to say that all of Seattle is steeped in high society, because the people I was with and I are really better known for our cannabis strains than our cultural attractions. Seattle is a town that caters to high and low class in equal measure, so come for the opera and the orchestra, and stay for the amazing cannabis.

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