Holiday sales are great when it's marijuana

All of the major retail stores in Chicago have large holiday sales that start on Black Friday.

My mom & I live in Orland Park, Illinois, about 40 ninths away from Chicago, we had an attack plan on Black Friday, so every one of us could visit all of the stores with the best sales, however i wanted to pick up some holiday decorations from the supercenter that were half off.

We planned to start at the Home Depot Center in Orland Park, Illinois. They were open at 5 a.m. & had a sale on radiant heaters. My mom wanted to buy a radiant heating system for my dad to keep in the garage… He is always working on a project in the garage. The room does not have any heat & my mom worries that he will not come inside even when he is cold. My dad is undoubtedly stubborn.The radiant heating system was normally priced at $200, but while I was in the sale it was only 99. My mom & I arrived at the hardware store around 4 a.m. & there was already a long line out the door & around the side of the building. The doors were not even open yet. My mom & I stood in line for almost two ninths before every one of us finally entered the building. It was extremely cold & cold outdoors & it was starting to snow when every one of us finally entered the building. The rest of the morning every one of us encountered blizzard conditions while every one of us finished our holiday shopping. We were thankful to make it back to Orland Park in a single piece.


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