The bed was cozy

A lot of my friends wanted to go to Daytona for Spring break, but I decided to go to Tampa Bay.

  • Tampa Bay has a lot more action at evening plus I knew there would be a lot more things I like to do, then only a couple of friends decided to join me plus we rented a apartment in New Port Richey, but new Port Richey is a genuinely ritzy area outside of Tampa Bay, but it’s right off Interstate 19 plus our apartment was right on the beach… All of us were just a little ways away from Tarpon Springs plus only 45 minutes away from downtown Tampa.

All of us appreciated lots of activities in the neighborhood while we visited. The rental apartment was less than ideal for my friends plus I. All of us tried not to stay at the apartment unless we were sleeping. The bed was cozy, however the AC was nonexistent. The Tampa area apartment was displayed to have Central AC, but I can truthfully say it wasn’t genuinely frigid inside of the living rooms at all. I did not want to sleep with the doors open, because my friends plus I were sharing a locale. It did not think like there was any frigid AC coming out of the vent in my living room or jacks… Since we couldn’t appreciate any cool air at the rental, we spent most of our time at the beach or downtown in Tampa. While we were there, we made the choice to go to Busch Gardens; My friend plus I were planning to ride a single of the roller coasters, but I chickened out at the last moment. When I got up to the front of the line plus I realized I was going to be in the first seat, I decided to take the exit instead.

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