Waiting for my marijuana

I was supposed to have all morning off on Wednesday, plus I planned for our bestie plus I to go to the beach.

I like spending all morning at the beach, especially when both of us can sit plus relax.

When I found out that I had to work for a few minutes that morning, I knew both of us were not going to be able to drive all the way to Drakes Bay. Instead of driving to Point Resure National Seashore, our bestie plus I decided to stay in San Francisco. Both of us went to Angel Island State Park for the morning; Sand Springs Beach is a attractive site plus a nice area for fishing, but angel Island State Park is a entirely nice site to view all of the city. It’s also actually quiet plus secluded, plus it is a nice site to relax plus smoke recreational marijuana. My bestie plus I both live in CA because of the recreational marijuana laws. Both of us respectfully use recreational marijuana plus buy it from a San Francisco cannabis shop. Both of us found a nice site by the water to sit plus smoke a marijuana joint. Both of us legitimately could have fallen asleep for a couple of minutes, but it was a cool plus cold fall morning plus the sunshine was going to set around 6. Even though I wanted a picnic at the beach, our bestie plus I had a actually elegant time at the park. Both of us even managed to see a couple of otters playing in the water. I hear it is great luck to spot otters in their natural habitat.


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