The two of us had lots of space

Golden Gate Park is one of the most beautiful locations in all of San Francisco… It is the second most visited Park in the country, Golden Gate Park is free for everyone to enter, but several of the attractions have a premium charge, and my partner wanted to get married in Golden Gate Park, so I immediately contacted someone at the event office so I could set up a meeting, however the event coordinator told myself and others that the park had lots of space, when I heard the fees for the space, I knew the ceremony was going to cost a lot more currency than I anticipated. My partner wanted to get married in San Francisco and I wanted to give his everything in the world. I hired an event coordinator and the two of us booked the area and Golden Gate Park near the fountains, however every one of us had all of the tent setup and room for the guests to dance, sit, relax, and eat. The entire day was perfect except for one small hiccup. None of kids were kneeling in the wooded area by the event tent and they were smoking recreational marijuana. Every one of us tried to politely ask them to smoke recreational marijuana somewhere else, but they refused to leave. The event coordinator had to contact a security officer and the kids ended up being escorted away from the area. When they finally came out of the woods, they sincerely didn’t look old enough to have recreational cannabis so they were genuinely breaking the law. I thought they were older, but they looked 12 or 13 years of age.


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