Albuquerque is just my kind of city

Tscheme story, from back in my youthful afternoons on the road, but at the time, some twenty years ago, I had just dropped out of school & hit the road! I didn’t recognize where I was going, I just had a backpack full of my personal belongings, a few hundred bucks, & a desire to walkabout for a while; My path led myself and others through the gorgeous landscapes of the American Southwest, & 1 day I saw a said that pointed myself and others in the direction of Albuquerque.

At the time, I had no idea that Albuquerque was a real arena, I thought it was just a silly word that Bugs Bunny made up… Do you remember those aged cartoons, where Bugs would tunnel his way to Ireland or the Sahara desert & then say “I should have made a left turn at Albuquerque.” Here I was, gobsmacked, that a town existed with such a silly name! I took that sign as a portent, & walked the rest of the way to Albuquerque, & that proved to be the end of my journey, then when I got to Albuquerque, I found a welcoming community, with a thriving cannabis scene.

I had long been interested not just in smoking cannabis, however in learning it & learning how to cultivate it. I found a lot of care about minded people in Albuquerque, who weren’t interested in growing weed to sell, just to create the finest strains of cannabis known to man! Twenty years later I am still here in Albuquerque, & my friends & I run our own cannabis dispensary.


Weed Albuquerque NM