Elvis Presley flew to Denver just for sandwiches

There are two things that I love — smoking weed and studying history.

That may sound boring to you, but believe me, the history of this country is as wild, crazy, and exciting as any movie.

Because I have lived in Denver, Colorado for so long, it’s only natural that my studies have focused around this area. Anyone who has spent any time researching the past of this amazing city can tell you there are hundreds of fascinating stories from over the last 150 years. Here is a fun fact about Denver that you may not know… although there are more Starbucks stores than any other franchise, there are more cannabis dispensaries in town than Starbucks. This gives you an idea of how much demand there is in Denver for cannabis, whe nit outranks the #1 coffee chain in the known universe. Here is another amazing and fun fact, that the King of Rock n Roll Elvis Presley once flew his private jet from Memphis to Denver just to get his favorite sandwich. He ordered a bunch of sandwiches called Fools Gold Loaf from the Colorado Gold Mine Company Steakhouse, which consisted of peanut butter, jelly, and one full bound of bacon served on a yummy fresh baked loaf of bread. After eating 22 sandwiches and washing them down with champagne, Elvis and his friends left Denver and flew back to Memphis, TN. Can You imagine how many more sandwiches they would have eaten if cannabis dispensaries had been legal in Denver back then? Hail to the King, and hail to Denver!

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