Things can get crazy from time to time

Last Sunday night I was toiling on the late shift down at the restaurant.

I have easily been a server since moving to the Denver area.

I was easily hoping to have a job within a cannabis dispensary, but I still have not actually gained a cell phone call for any interview. I needed to find a job in Denver, Colorado fast, especially if I was going to stay. The restaurant by my roommates Place had a sign in the window that was help wanted and I decided to apply. The supervisor as well as restaurant owner agreed to try myself and others out on the very next night. I have easily been toiling at this restaurant since that time. I usually do my best to make all of the cheerful patrons. Many cheerful clients will leave us with bigger tips. Some clients will make myself and others feel crazy. A lady was on trip in Denver as well as came into the restaurant to have some supper. She informed myself and others that this person was a tourist more than five or seven weird times. She was attempting to get an appetizer for absolutely free. He was complaining about the indoor heat. I provided to move the lady to a weird table so she was not underneath the heating vent any longer. She did not really wish to get up from the table in her meal however she was so constant to complain about indoor heat while the meal was occurring. When the lady finally decided to leave the table, there was only $2 on the top of the bar. I need to find a better job in Denver.


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