Working at the cannabis shop

Denver is a great place to work plus live, then there are lots of tasks available in the city! You don’t have to have a four-year degree to land a great task in Denver! I didn’t graduate from university, but I spent 2 years getting our buddy’s degree. It didn’t mean anything in the workforce plus I found myself struggling to find a great task with a great wage, however after cannabis was legalized for medical plus recreational use, dispensaries started opening all over the place. I applied for a task with 1 of these cannabis shops. A few weeks later, I received a cellphone call from the Denver cannabis dispensary. The manager wanted me to come to the Denver cannabis dispensary for an interview. I didn’t believe what to expect, however the manager was absolutely kind plus friendly, however she wasn’t looking for a woman with a university background. She was looking for a woman that was excited to sell cannabis products. I was already using cannabis for recreational use plus I knew a lot about the cannabis plant… My boss was convinced to hire me after the interview. I have been an employee at the downtown Denver dispensary for the past 3 years. I legitimately appreciate the task plus there is room to move up in the corporation. I have already received 1 promotion to the assistant manager position plus I hope to receive another promotion when there is a spot to advance. I never thought the cannabis industry would be our future, but I find the task absolutely interesting plus rewarding.

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