I wanted to visit our Grandmother so badly

I wanted to spend the summer time with our Grandmother.

I talked to Dad and dad and asked if they minded if I went to Glenville, IL for the summer time and spent time with our Grandmother.

They didn’t argue about our going, but they seemed a bit distraught. Mom’s fight was that this would be the last summer time for myself and others to be at home. Next summer time the people I was with and I will be getting ready for myself and others to go to university. I’m sure she felt like I was leaving her, but it was just the summer. It wasn’t like I was never coming back home. Finally, I was on the plane and Glenville, IL bound. I got off the plane and realized the temperature was only in the eighties. It was nearly ninety-multiple when I got on the plane. I was revelling in how nice it was to be outside and still able to breathe. My mom’s Dad and dad’s father were waiting for myself and others at the airport. I didn’t even believe they were friends. Grandmother said that when they met while the people I was with and I were there last summer, they became friends. The way they smiled at each other reminded myself and others of how Dad and dad smiled at each other. I didn’t care, because I was in glenville, IL to check out the university, and get our application turned in. When the people I was with and I got to Grandmother’s apartment, I almost shivered! IShe had the a/c on, but it was still chilly. I guessed there was going to be a lot to get used to besides just the a/c. Grandmother and Grandpa were really close.

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