I wanted to visit my Grandmother.

I wanted to spend the summer with my grandmother.

I talked to mom and dad and asked if they minded if I went to Glenville, IL for the summer and spent time with my grandma. They didn’t argue about my going, but they seemed a bit concerned. Mom’s argument was that this would be the last summer for me to be at home. Next summer we will be getting ready for me to go to college. I’m sure she felt like I was leaving her, but it was just the summer. It wasn’t like I was never coming back home. Finally, I was on the plane and Glenville, IL bound. I got off the plane and realized the temperature was only in the eighties. It was nearly ninety-five when I got on the plane. I was revelling in how nice it was to be outside and still able to breathe. My mom’s mom and dad’s father were waiting for me at the airport. I didn’t even know they were friends. Grandma said that when they met while we were there last summer, they became friends. The way they smiled at each other reminded me of how mom and dad smiled at each other. I didn’t care, because I was in glenville, IL to check out the college, and get my application turned in. When we got to grandma’s apartment, I almost shivered. IShe had the air conditioning on, but it was still chilly. I guessed there was going to be a lot to get used to besides just the air conditioning. Grandma and grandpa were very close.

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