Right weather for the holidays

I love living in Orland Park, Illinois.

  • I like that I get a winter season.

I don’t understand how southerners can feel festive when they don’t get cold. I can’t imagine not getting snow and feeling the chill of winter. That is part of the spirit! I always make my winter beginning with a furnace tune up. Orland Park can get in the 10-30 degree range in the winter. My gas furnace needs to be on top of its game for at least four months straight. I don’t want to deal with unexpected heater repairs or be left cold when there is snow on the ground. There is something magical about having snow outside but a warm heater blazing indoors during Christmas time. It actually feels like the holidays. Do people in warm climates watch holiday movies with snow? It must feel so odd to them to see that. I love that my kids can play in the snow and build snowmen, make snow angels and fight with it. We get just enough cold in my area that spring is a welcome visitor. I love that I can enjoy springtime plants and the kids can hunt easter eggs when it is warmer. Way up north, those states live with the possibility of kids hunting Easter eggs in snow and going trick or treating in the snow too. That must really stink. I feel Illusionist really offers the best kind of weather. I get cold and heat. I get times where I don’t use my HVAC. I always know the next season is coming and not going to last long.


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