It was hurricane season

During the Summer weeks, Tampa Bay is a single of the nicest locales in Florida to visit! Tampa Bay plus Clearwater Beach have a ton of different activities for children plus adults; One of my favorite locales in Tampa is the zoo, however my family plus I love to go to the zoo when it is cool outdoors.

The animals are always more active when the weather is cool, however animals plus humans are both lethargic when it is warm outside.

The two of us long to be inside where the cooling system is running plus so do they. The two of us went to the zoo a few weeks ago on a Wednesday. The weather was particularly nice with breezy hot plus cold temperatures plus a bit of wind, and i should have anticipated all of the traffic at the zoo, especially on a charming afternoon. The two of us had to park all the way at the end of the parking lot plus the walk to the zoo was significant. It was cool plus sunny outside, so I didn’t mind walking. The two of us spent all afternoon in Tampa plus didn’t leave the park until 4:30. The sky was starting to get dark plus cloudy. When it’s hurricane season, the hot plus cold temperatures can drop swiftly plus rain can happen in a flash. It was warm plus humid outside plus the rain was a welcome feature until I realized that the automobile had a flat tire. I had to change the flat tire in the rain while we were parked outside the Tampa part zoo, no a single offered to lend a helping hand. I would have said no, however it would have been nice if someone would have at least offered to help.

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