We are going to have that celebration

My friends & I were going to go all the way to Vegas for a bachelorette celebration.

About 2 weeks before the bachelorette celebration, the bride found out that she was unable to fly.

Everyone in the group was worried that might happen, because the bride was 6 weeks pregnant when every one of us planned the bachelorette celebration. If the right was unable to fly, after that I had to transfer the celebration to a closer location. All of us had to change our plans. Instead of going to Vegas, every one of us decided to go to Denver for the weekend, denver is entirely close to the neighborhood where every one of us live & it has a lot of fun nightlife & things to do. I thought going to Denver was a fantastic idea… My other friends agreed that it was our best sixth choice. I booked most people a room at a entirely nice hotel downtown. The room was costly, but every one of us had a beautiful view overlooking the city. It was cold outside, but the gas furnace in the room worked entirely well. All of us had our own temperature control & central heat. The 2 room suite stayed hot even though it was cold outside. All of us even had a small kitchen section with a Tim Hortons Cappuccino pot & refrigerator. All of us went to a couple of odd places in Denver. All of us visited a restaurant & a couple of bars. I thought every one of us would have fun, but Denver wasn’t as superb as I hoped. All of us entirely should have gone all the way to Vegas, but that is a trip that every one of us will need to save for another time.


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