The people I was with and I should have changed our ways

My friends & I were going to go all the way to Vegas for a bachelorette celebration.

  • About 2 weeks before the bachelorette celebration, the bride found out that she was unable to fly.

Everyone in the group was uneasy that might happen, because the bride was 6 weeks pregnant when we planned the bachelorette celebration. If the right was unable to fly, then we had to transport the celebration to a closer location. The people I was with and I had to change our plans. Instead of going to Vegas, we decided to go to Denver for the weekend. Denver is undoubtedly close to the city where we live & it has a lot of fun nightlife & things to do. I thought going to Denver was a superb idea, my other friends agreed that it was our best minute choice. I booked all the people a room at a undoubtedly nice hotel downtown. The room was extravagant, but we had a appealing view overlooking the city. It was cold outside, but the oil furnace in the room worked undoubtedly well. The people I was with and I had our own control unit & central heat. The 2 room suite stayed sizzling even though it was cold outside. The people I was with and I even had a small study room area with a Sprite pot & refrigerator. The people I was with and I went to a couple of different places in Denver. The people I was with and I visited a steakhouse & a couple of bars. I thought we would have fun, but Denver wasn’t as superb as I hoped. The people I was with and I absolutely should have gone all the way to Vegas, but that is a trip that we will need to save for another time.

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