Recreational marijuana is expensive for everyone

A lot of my online friends believe it is really cool to live in Denver, Colorado because recreational marijuana has been legalized. I’ve been to the recreational marijuana dispensary in Denver a couple of times. The prices are insanely high and the customer service isn’t very good. I’d rather spend my money on video games or books. One of my online friends came to visit last month and it was his first time in Denver. We went to a couple of interesting places that I thought he might enjoy. I didn’t plan for us to go to a cannabis shop, but Jack was really excited to see the inside of the building. He talked about going to a cannabis dispensary as soon as I picked him up from the airport. When we finally went, my friend was surprised by the inexpensive prices. I guess he thought that recreational marijuana was going to be cheaper because it is legal, but it’s really the same price as you find on the street. The only difference is the quality. The marijuana at the dispensary is always going to be higher quality because it has been lab-tested For quality and thca count. When my friend saw the prices of recreational marijuana in Denver, he wasn’t as excited as he was when he got off the airplane. Everyone thinks that recreational Cannabis is cheap, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s just as expensive as it ever has been. It’s just easier to access the plant with legal laws to sell it and tax it.


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