Somebody was not happy

My friends plus I live in a state with legal recreational cannabis laws. The laws are certainly lenient plus most people do not get in trouble for using cannabis, even in public. As long as you are being discreet, the cops usually do not care if someone is smoking a joint or hitting a vape pen, and unluckyly, the same is not tplot everywhere, but some California cities have different rules plus laws regarding marijuana. My friends plus I went on a deep sea fishing boat while all of us were going to see San Francisco. Both of us had our vape pen in our pockets. Both of us were trying to be discreet, but all of us were also trying to stay medicated. I could smell someone smoking weed on the other side of the boat, although I wasn’t trying to get anyone into trouble, and when all of us stopped plus dropped anchor, the boat captain came downstairs plus I heard a commotion on the left side of the boat. The commotion only lasted a few minutes plus after that I started tying bait to our poles. My neighbor asked 1 of the deckhands what happened plus he told us that someone was putting a pre-rolled joint out on the side of the boat. The captain did not care if all of us were smoking marijuana, despite the fact that he wasn’t going to let someone vandalize his boat with a marijuana cigarette. The native San Francisco resident had to rest in the captain’s quarters while everyone else enjoyed their fishing. The guy did not get a refund on his money plus he was lucky the Coast Guard wasn’t waiting for him when he got back to the dock.

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