Vacation in California

My neighbor plus I went to visit some friends in Oakland.

That is right outside of San Francisco, in fact, all of us flew into the airport at San Francisco, because the flights were the cheapest. The first thing I wanted To do was go to the beach. I had not seen the West Coast or the Pacific Ocean. The first thing our neighbor wanted to do was go to a legal recreational dispensary, but our friends were bragging about the legal recreational dispensaries plus marijuana laws plus that is 1 of the reasons why all of us decided to visit, but my neighbor won the coin toss plus all of us drove over to a legal recreational dispensary, and both of us rented a automobile plus all of the sound dock stations were preset to stations that were local. Both of us found a rock sound dock station plus listened to several tunes on our way to the dispensary, and a few minutes before all of us arrived at our endpoint, the sound dock station had a contest to win tickets to Six Flags. The adventure park is about 45 minutes outside of San Francisco. I really did not expect to get the tickets when I called the sound dock station various times, plus I was surprised when the post picked up the iPhone plus told me that I was caller number 9. My neighbor plus I won two tickets to go to the Adventure Park while all of us were in San Francisco. Both of us used the tickets as a free activity plus all of us got to hang out all afternoon for the cost of food plus drinks. That was a entirely neat plus cool surprise while on vacation.


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