I thought every place was the same

One of my friends that lives outside of the City of Albuquerque wanted to know what the prices of pot are in this area.

I politely told my friend that I believe that prices of pot are easily the same as they are in the place where he lives.

This was not actually true and I found out that Albuquerque as well as other cities make the rules differently. The two of us don’t know how they get the prices for marijuana and the dispensary. Many people are infuriated when they find out the costly prices of recreational weed. When some friends came to visit for the River of Lights, they talked a lot on the cell phone plus had questions about the dispensary. The guys wanted to go right to a marijuana place in Nob Hill. Nob Hill is one section of the City of Albuquerque. Now I’m supposed to have cheaper prices on marijuana. If my friends plus myself choose to use marijuana, then I wouldn’t choose to ruin our friendship by talking about how things could be completely different in another city. I have lived here most of my life plus I’ve never been the type of person to buy anything from a dispensary. It seems crazy to be obsessive over the price of weed and this had me puzzled. I was infuriated to find out that was the only thing the guy wanted to do when he came to town. I thought we were going to hang out the whole time but he was only interested in the price of recreational marijuana.

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