Growing cannabis isn't just 1,2,3

Marijuana was legalized in the state not very long ago. It’s not just medical marijuana, but it is also recreational weed. Thought the same laws would be ours just like other states. When’s the New Mexico and Albuquerque laws for legalization were set up, there was an additional addendum written to describe the various plants that can be grown. The two of us were surprised when finding out that it will take a long time before the two of us can grow weed on our own. The two of us will admit that the two of us were extremely interested in growing marijuana on a farm of our own. Living outside of Albuquerque means that we have a lot of farmland and plenty of room to grow plants. The two of us know that cannabis plants grow very well under best conditions. There is a great deal of heat in Albuquerque which is one suitable place for cannabis. It doesn’t seem like they will allow us to grow any pot in the state, but for now the marijuana laws are just a little stringent. When the balloon festival is here in April, my friends as well as myself can go see the odd balloons as well as enjoy seeing them fly as well as we can also go to a downtown weed shop in Albuquerque to get some supplies. Growing marijuana isn’t as easy as 123 and this would clearly be the reason why there are so many dispensaries that sell the recreational weed products.