Everyone likes to use a little rec weed

Albuquerque has more as well as more tourists every day.

In fact, it seems like there are more tourists in Albuquerque then the two of us have seen in the past.

The two of us know some of the draw is having legal recreational weed in this city. Albuquerque has had legal weed for quite some time. Many younger gentleman come to the City of Albuquerque as well as visit the dispensary immediately. The two of us can imagine many of the young folk in the desert out smoking weed as well as having fun. Both of us like to maintain the feel of our family so we do not allow anyone to smoke weed openly. The two of us have our own opinions but we would never discourage those from feeling comfortable and Albuquerque to buy marijuana. Albuquerque is a great city to live in and it is right at the Sandia Mountains. The Sandia Mountains are on the Eastern side of the City of Albuquerque. There is also desert nearby and even volcanoes that can be seen in the distance. All of these are quite awesome sites. The two of us are sure that if we sniffed strenuous enough, we could easily tell in which the direction of marijuana was coming. Another part that is wonderful about Albuquerque happens to be the balloon festival. Since the state of New Mexico legalized legal recreational weed, there are various people that come down to the state for all of our events. I absolutely love Albuquerque but I am not so sure about the rec weed laws.