Cool things about Colorado

Denver has a very unique and interesting history.

Did you think that the first hardcore structure built in Denver was a saloon? Of course this makes sense since the town has more microbreweries than any other place in the town.

Each day, more than 200 bizarre types of beers are brewed in the neighborhood of Denver. Since there are so many odd bars and breweries, there are a lot of nightly tours that take you from place to place. My friends and I went on a brewery tour last weekend to celebrate our 25th birthday. The tour took us to more than one dozen different microbreweries and the people I was with and I got free samples from each location. The driver of the brewery tour told us a lot of entirely fun and interesting facts about Denver. Denver is 1 of a dozen towns that have major league teams in all 4 sports. They have many if you count the soccer team as well. Denver has more neighborhood parks than any other place in the nation. With more than 200 mornings each year of sunshine, the parks are a beautiful place to spend the day. The weather in Denver is easily great throughout the entire year, and going to the park is 1 of our preferred no cost activities to do while I was in the summertime season. Summer weather is perfect for outdoor activities, even though some people love to spend all day indoors with the A/C blasting. I do not mind being sizzling and spending time outdoors. My mom and our sister would rather sit in front of the AC. Thankfully, I have some friends that enjoy outdoor activities just as much as me.

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