Waiting on the a/c repair instead

Denver has a couple of bizarre professional teams, even though I am a large fan of the Denver Nuggets.

The Denver Nuggets have been around since the 60s.

In fact, the Nuggets used to be called the Denver Rockets. My friends and I appreciate going to the games even though the people I was with and I can’t entirely afford great seats. I don’t mind standing in the nosebleed section. I enjoy the way the gymnasium odors and I love being able to see the players. I do not mind having to use a pair of binoculars at times. My buddies and I had tickets to a Denver Nuggets game last month, even though I had to cut out at the last moment. I came home from work to take a shower and switch my clothes. I only planned to be in the beach house for a few minutes. Sadly, the air conditioner was broken and was not putting any cold air out. I observed the indoor hot and cold temperatures were heated right away. I checked the thermostat and the indoor temperature reading was 70 degrees. I entirely wanted to go to the game with our friends, even though I knew it was more pressing to stay home and take care of the A/C problem. I had to call many businesses before I found someone that had an available repair professional. The guy was on his way back from a job and stuck in traffic in the city, but the repairman promised that the repair professional would arrive in less than 90 minutes. I missed all of the Denver Rockets game, but the air conditioner was fixed before I went to sleep.



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