Having snow is cool

I grew up in a region with cold weather, snow, ice, and lots of skiing.

I had fun memories of growing up and I wanted our kids to have the same fun memories of their childhood, then unfortunately, when I was 14, my parents decided to move back to the south.

I did not want to leave Denver, CO and transport all the way to a tropical climate. As soon as the people I was with and I were gone, I missed the CO weather and cold Wintertide climate. I did not see any snow or ice outside for more than nine years. I had no need for any heater source at all, but the A/C ran overtime while I was in the summer time months. When I had the chance to transport back to Denver, I took it without thought. My best friend and I drove all the way across the country so the people I was with and I could go back to Denver. All of us found a small beach house and jobs in the city. It took some time to find a career, but now I am the manager at a french hotel downtown and our best friend works at the cannabis shop. My best buddy is now my girlfriend and we have a beautiful and healthy relationship. All of us started out as friends and the love grew from there, but both of us are glad living in Denver and even more happy when the people I was with and I get to see snow falling outside. I entirely missed the cold, thin air and frigid winter cold temperatures. When we finally get married and have children, I think they will appreciate the same activities I did as a kid.

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