Centennial Park tops the list for the kids

He ended up enjoying it more than the kids

My husband never liked visiting parks because of his childhood trauma. However, the kids enjoyed it so much and would beg him to take them because they wanted to spend time with their daddy. He had been adamant about it until he made a deal with them. The boys fulfilled the end of their bargain, and he had no choice but to take them. We visited Centennial Park in Orland Park, IL, when we visited some relatives in the summer. It was one of the parks my boys eyed every time we visited since they would hear their cousins talk about it, but their dad would never allow them to go. This time around, he had committed himself to it and would use this opportunity to overcome his fear. HE had fallen a swing as a kid and had to stay in the intensive care unit for months for his head to heal. That had stuck to his mind, and he was too scared to visit parks. But the centennial park was nothing like the old school park hubby thought off. He was surprised at the many activities, including the marine park, soccer fields, and safe playground with guard rails and cushioning to allow safe landing in case of an accident. He ended up enjoying it more than the kids. We went home later that evening and retired early only to be woken up by the high temperatures. My cousins had uninstalled their HVAC system and were waiting for a new one to be installed. We had to manage with the ceiling fans.

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