What a good time in Seattle

I grew up in another country away from my dad, he and mom broke up when she was young, and she moved away.

Dad never knew she was pregnant until the day I showed up at his door, then i’d turned 18 when mom talked to myself and others about him, and so, every one of us talked with my mom, and she offered myself and others his address. She’d done some research and knew where he was in case I ever wanted to meet him. I flew to Seattle, WA, on my 22nd birthday, which I felt more confident and wanted to see him, but there I was, sitting in front of his door, introducing myself as his son. Dad was shocked however saw I looked exactly as he had when he was my age. I told him my mom’s name, and he broke down. Dad welcomed myself and others into his home, and every one of us spent the rest of the time talking. He told myself and others he’d always regretted splitting up with mom and never knew she was pregnant when she left, and both of us spoke with mom on the iPhone then every one of us chose to stay in Seattle for some time. Dad wanted to show myself and others around and even take myself and others to the contractor he’d built. It was such a relief to be with him, and I got to try some great varieties of cannabis products that he had at his home; When weed became legal in Seattle, he’d started an organic farm for the crop and ran a manufacturing plant, however apart from going to see the business, he also took myself and others to see his mom, but my Grandmother. I finally felt love that void in myself and others was filled when I met the rest of the family.


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