It’s fairly costly living in the bay area

I wasn’t truly interested in moving to the bay area, however my wifey had her heart said on residing in San Francisco.

  • After the people I was with and I had been married for so many years, my wifey started speaking about San Francisco on a regular basis.

One particular afternoon I came back to my beach dwelling from my job and my wifey told me that she was provided a task in the city. Then I did not know she was looking for a current task and I entirely did not realize that she was looking in a brand new city. When I saw my wife wasn’t going to let go of moving to the Bay Area, I decided to look for a task as well. It did not take especially long to find a task, however my wifey and I spent all of the cash in our savings account to make this actual move. We had to sell our property and move into a rental. It was severely difficult to find a satisfactory property and the two of us came to realize it would be much easier to find the perfect place to be after we were already staying in San Francisco. After my wifey and I started talking about the move to the city, I came to learn that 1 of the reasons why my wifey wanted to move to that city was to be closer to the medical and recreational marijuana clinics. My wifey proceeded to tell me that she has been using medical marijuana for approximately a year. I honestly knew there was a particular reason that she was feeling better and happier all the time. Of course, I had no idea that medical marijuana was the reason why. Since medical and recreational marijuana is legal in CA, that was 1 of the primary reasons why she wanted to make the move.


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