The delivery driver was certainly happy

The guy was smiling from ear to ear when he made his way out the door

The first time that I flew by myself, I made the move to take my wifey plus I to San Francisco for the course of the weekend. She was easily surprised by the huge romantic gesture… At first, she hesitated to get into the plane, but I assured her that it was safe. I had plenty of hours of flying lessons plus I was entirely prepared to show off my flying skills. Both of us arrived in San Francisco around 7pm plus I left the small plane at a hangar that was designed for personal planes. My wifey plus I decided to take a taxi to the hotel that I booked for us. It was a nice 5 star hotel by the San Francisco bay. As soon as the people I was with and I were able to check into the San Francisco hotel, my wifey was looking to buy some recreational cannabis. I honestly never expected her to bring up recreational cannabis, but I was down for it. Both of us were able to locate a cannabis shop not very far from the hotel that offered free delivery services. The delivery driver brought our cannabis supplies in less than an hour. My wifey gave the guy a twenty dollar tip, since it was so speedy plus the order was on point. The driver appeared to be pleased with the tip. The guy was smiling from ear to ear when he made his way out the door. Then I saw my wifey plus I knew precisely why the delivery driver was smiling in such a way. My wifey was wearing a shirt with buttons plus both of the middle buttons were entirely undone, exposing her bare chest plus breasts. I’m absolutely positive that guy got a nice look while my wifey counted out the currency for our cannabis order.

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