The delivery driver really liked the big tip

The first time that I flew by myself, I decided to take my wife and I to San Francisco for the weekend.

She was terribly surprised by the huge romantic gesture.

At first, she hesitated to get into the small plane, but I assured her that it was perfectly safe. I had plenty of hours of flying lessons and I was ready to show off my flying skills. We arrived in San Francisco around 7pm and I left the place at a hangar for small personal planes. My wife and I took a taxi to the hotel that I booked for us. It was a nice five star hotel by the San Francisco bay. As soon as we checked into the San Francisco area hotel, my wife wanted to buy some recreational cannabis. I never expected her to bring up recreational cannabis, but I was game. We found a cannabis shop close to the hotel that offered free delivery services. The kid brought our cannabis supplies in less than an hour. My wife gave the guy a twenty dollar tip, since it was so fast and the order was correct. The driver looked pleased with the tip. The guy was smiling from ear to ear when he walked out the door. Then I saw my wife and I knew exactly why the delivery driver was smiling so big. My wife was wearing a shirt with buttons and both of the middle buttons were undone, exposing her bare chest and breasts. I’m sure the guy got a pretty good look while my wife counted out the money for our order.

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