I labor as an HVAC specialist in Lowell, MA

I have been working as an HVAC specialist in Lowell, MA for about 25 years now… It’s the first task that I got after I finished up with high university, and well, I guess I should really say that it’s the first task that I got after I got done with my HVAC certification courses at the local technical university.

It’s not exactly like I could go to labor for an HVAC company without being certified in heating as well as cooling systems first, and anyway, that is what I did as well as I did particularly well as well as I graduated near the top of my class.

I went to labor for a local HVAC company as well as I particularly enjoyed meeting all of the people there, they were so nice as well as they made me feel like I was right at home, too. I thought that it would really be a enjoyable place to labor as well as so whenever they provided me a task, I accepted it. I have to say that I am particularly glad that I did, because I have been there ever since… Here in Lowell, MA, a lot of things change however a lot of things stay the same; For example, I have been working with the local community for about 25 years now as well as I know just about all the people who lives here, sometimes newer folks come in as well as out, however mostly it just stays the same. I like how all the people knows me as the HVAC guy, as well as I get recognition from all sides whenever I go out on the town or even to the grocery store.


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