I never knew how much I needed air conditioning until I moved to Saint Petersburg

I never entirely knew how much I depended on central air conditioning inside of my home until I moved down to Saint Petersburg FL a couple of years ago, i always lived in the northeast part of the country, and we just don’t tend to use the air conditioning system all that much during the summer, then usually we use the air conditioning about one week out of the year because it just does not get all that warm around here, the average temperature during the Summer is only around 70 degrees or so! When that is the kind of weather that you are used to, you don’t entirely know all that much about air conditioning However when you pack up and transfer down to Saint Petersburg FL because of a job, you start thinking about air conditioning a whole lot! That’s what happened to me, anyway.

When I moved down here, the first thing I did was turn my a/c system on inside of my house.

The weather was super warm outside when I made the transfer down here, and I was dripping with sweat like deranged when I was trying to unpack everything inside the house, however luckily for me, the people who sold the house to me had already had it serviced and it was ready to go, then ever since then, I realized that I would just be lost without my central air conditioning system, and not only that, though, however the humidity would be so bad that I really couldn’t even live inside of my own house because it would be like a jungle inside!

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