My air conditioner broke down at my condo in Orland Park, IL this past warm season

This past summer, I was staying in Orland Park, IL because I was there to help my aunt and uncle with their bed and dinner business! They are the greatest people and I love them so much! They wanted me to come and labor for them, which I was glad to do except for the fact that I couldn’t stay in the main condo with them.

I had to stay in one of the exterior little cabins out near the back of the property.

I was glad to have my own locale, however I knew for a fact that the air conditioner out in the little guest condo was not going to be as good as the central air conditioner in the main house. That air conditioner can freeze you out of the locale before you even have time to put on a pair of winter time boots! Anyway, I was excited about helping out at the business, however I was not glad at all about the fact that I was going to have to help out in the bedroom and sleep in one of the guest cabins, however helping in the bedroom was not my favorite thing, that’s for sure. That’s mainly because the bedrooms get so overheated during the Summer and I very hate getting overly hot! I mean, it wouldn’t have been that sizable of an issue if I were going to be working in the bedrooms and then going to rest in my cabin with very good air conditioner. Instead, I would basically be moving from overheated to hotter all day long!

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