Pursuing a life in the arts in Sioux Falls

Laugh if you want to, even though I really moved to Sioux Falls right after private school to pursue a work in the arts.

That’s right instead of going to Hollywood or NYC I went to the biggest neighborhood in the state of SD, you may not know this, however Sioux Falls has an amazing art district with galleries and museums and theaters.

I had a burning desire to get on stage, so that I could tell jokes and act, and it appeared as if Sioux Falls was the only locale I could do these things… Of course, just because Sioux Falls favors the arts doesn’t mean it’s simple to make a living that way. If I wanted to stay in Sioux Falls and pursue my dreams, I needed a day task to pay for it all. This is how I wound up working for a local Heating and Air Conditioning company, driving the work van and helping to move heavy equipment. It wasn’t exactly rewarding work, however the Heating and Air Conditioning industry in Sioux Falls is busiest than ever, so they pay well and need a lot of extra help. I knew right away this was a good opportunity for me, because a life in the arts is regularly a gamble, however learning a trade like Heating and Air Conditioning work isn’t risky at all. The way that Sioux Falls keeps growing in size and population, Heating and Air Conditioning workers will be in high demand for years to come. This is a good way to make cash until I can chop into the art community in trendy Sioux Falls.

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