From teacher to cannabis dispensary owner

Ever since I was a child I loved studying about history.

  • To me, studying fictional books about people that never existed was boring, i favorite the Founding Fathers to the Justice League, even as a young man.

This made me really unpopular as a child, but it also led me into a life of teaching, which has become my passion! I even wrote a nonfiction book about the history of the part around Lee’s Summit, MO, the locale where I was born and raised. After a lifetime of scholarly pursuits, my cohorts at the Lee’s Summit school district were shocked and alarmed when I announced I was quitting, however not only was I stepping down from teaching, but I was opening up my own local cannabis dispensary. I was only a few years away from retirement anyway, and running a cannabis shop in Lee’s Summit was a dream I had long carried with me. The fantastic thing is that I still get to talk about the history of this neighborhood as much as ever, only now I’m not limited by the Missouri state requirements. There are some dark periods of history for Lee’s Summit, which I was never allowed to discuss in any of my classes, however my cannabis clients cherish to hear my lecture and talk about Lee’s Summit, which makes my new task the best one I’ve ever had. The scandal around me was short-lived, because cannabis is mostly legal here, and the people of Lee’s Summit are really accepting and laid back, however besides, most of them are my customers!


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