The golf course near Orland Park

Orland Park isn’t the biggest village in Illinois, in fact you might see it’s pretty darned small.

  • But for a place of this size, let me tell you that Orland Park has enough public parks and nature trails for a town 10 times this size! One of the best parts about the location of Orland Park is that it provides quick and easy access to the city of Chicago, and yet still retains the feel of a friendly small town.

Nature is important to us here in Orland Park, which is why the village has over fifty different parks,sports complexes, and nature outings. For a living I work for a small local HVAC company, serving the homes and business of Orland Park for all their heating and cooling needs. Every day I have off from work I am at the Orland Park golf course, playing 18 holes, or even 36 holes if the weather is nice. Recently I have noticed a lot of outsiders coming into Orland Park, just to take advantage of our public amenities. It’s funny because there was a time when people would take the train from Orland Park to Chicago for the great shopping and public spaces. Now the opposite is true, and the people of Chicago take the train to enjoy all that Orland Park has to offer. I don’t like this, because I want the golf course to be for the locals of Orland Park, and not the tourists. I would feel differently if these people were my HVAC customers, and not just tourists.


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