I am updating a website for the Sioux Falls Heating and A/C business

I labor in the marketing industry as a website development and graphic arts consultant.

Most of the time I make websites for unusual types of companies, then since my business is primarily online, I hardly ever have a client that is local and right here in Sioux Falls, SD! I had a client call me this week and it was an Heating and A/C business whose name I recognized almost instantly.

I knew that it was a business right here in Sioux Falls, SD where I live. I told the client that I was locally owned and operated and he thought it was ironic that he found me online, he wasn’t even looking for a person located in Sioux Falls! The owner of the Heating and A/C business was genuinely nice on the iPhone, but I thought it would be good to meet with the business owner. I had not done that in the past, however this business was local and I thought it might be helpful to meet with the owner and get a feel for the Heating and A/C business. I am currently making the website for the business and I have about a week left to finish up. I suppose that the owner of the heating and AC repair business is going to be genuinely glad with the labor that I have done. I want to make sure that the Heating and A/C business is number one on the search results when people search for a business that is locally owned and operated in Sioux Falls. If I do a good job, maybe he can request my services to other local business owners.

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