No one imagined winter could last well into May in Denver

But knowing him, he would try and coerce me to join him either way.

I woke up in May and had to wonder if it was still January. Normally it would be spring as people got ready for summer. But, the ‘weather gods’ had probably had other things in mind. Snow in May? What was happening? Nothing like this had ever happened in Denver in a long time. That was a sure sign for me to know my heating system would remain on for another month or so. I had planned to spend the summer months doing a few tours of different attractions. My aunt came to visit last year and told me fascinating tales. It was like I was listening to stories about another place and not Denver, where I had lived for the past 5 years. Truth be told, most of my social life was grabbing a drink or dancing with friends. But, my boyfriend was a bit different. He did not like the clubs and was more adventurous. The first time I visited the area where I could view the Rocky Mountains, I was blown away. I sort of fell in love with the outdoors and promised we’d explore more in summer. But, when the snow was not yet over in May, I was unsure about those plans. No one wanted to go to such attractions and see a blanket of white. But knowing him, he would try and coerce me to join him either way. That was something we’d have to discuss in length because I did not fare too well in the cold. I was already picturing my aunt trying to convince me to go. Still, I could not believe it had been snowing since last September, and there seemed to be no end in sight.


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