The dispensary has a good view of Denver

I’ve been spending my weekends at the smokers lounge just outside of town, then for the last two months I have gone every weekend, plus I am already stoked to go again next weekend! This place is amazing, with a rooftop deck outfitted with chairs plus low-slung tables; It’s an open air spot, so people can smoke cannabis or tobacco as they wish; Downstairs is a screened patio with a small bar area, a dance floor, plus a two-foot-high phase big enough for a rock n rollian or a comedian to perform.

  • It is the coolest locale in all of Denver, plus I hope more people beginning opening these kinds of businesses.

Denver is called the Mile High City, however this place is entirely higher than most of the city, which provides a sensational view, the best thing about this lounge isn’t the cannabis, the rock n roll, or the nice people – it’s the view of Denver, which looks like a town of lights plus treasure from up here, but with a stunning array of stars in the sky, plus the bold lights of Denver below, it has become my favorite place to smoke cannabis. I might spend hours on end here, but of course, I don’t just stare at Denver the whole time, I also talk with my friends, plus periodically have a few cannabis drinks. The performance phase is on the first floor of the cannabis dispensary, so it doesn’t have the same good view of Denver. That’s why I tend to stay outside as I smoke, because I can still hear the rock n roll just good upstairs.


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