I have been enjoying Seattle’s new marijuana lounge

There is a new smokers lounge at the dispensary downtown, plus it’s entirely a lot of fun! When I first heard about a screened-in patio behind the dispensary where people could hang out plus get high, it entirely sounded kind of boring, but i love smoking pot in my living room, plus listening to rock n roll or playing video games, then about a month ago it was a Thursday evening, plus my entire apartment building had a power outage.

In this part of Seattle it happens fairly often.

I decided to get out of my apartment plus check out the new lounge at the cannabis dispensary. I had been to this cannabis shop several times before, but not since they opened the new lounge. I was gleeful to find one of my favorite Seattle area rock n rollian acts playing an acoustic set in the lounge! I had no idea the cannabis shop was going to have live rock n roll, although I enjoyed it, and seattle is famous for its local rock n roll scene, plus I thought it was a smart transport to have it in the lounge! There were a lot of pretty people there, Seattle’s best plus brightest, although I wasn’t trying to meet anyone I just relaxed plus enjoyed myself. I bought a 1 gram pre-roll of OG Kush plus smoked the entire thing in a few minutes; Perhaps I smoked it too hastily, because then I sat in the corner for quite a while, feeling the blissful effects of the cannabis. After that evening, I have a new favorite hang-out spot in Seattle.


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